Sustainable prosperity must ‘guarantee all individuals a decent quality of life with dignity and the opportunity to be a member of an inclusive, participatory, and just society. Sustainable prosperity means that every decision we make, individually or collectively, must take into account its direct and indirect effects on people, on the planet, and on the economy’ (Global Institute of Sustainable Prosperity).

To serve the interests of billions of people, today and in the future, and to save the lives of many of them, it is urgent that we meet our most pressing need, to transition away from fossil fuels and avoid catastrophic climate change, as part of a Green New Deal.

The main focus of this short conference is to discuss how Australia might pay for a Green New Deal, what that Green New Deal might look like, and how an Australian Green New Deal might contribute towards a future of genuinely sustainable and equitable prosperity, both in Australia and around the world.

Professor Stephanie Kelton’s planned visit to Adelaide in January 2020 has created an ideal opportunity for economists, other academics, politicians and activists, and other interested individuals and groups to get together to discuss how to achieve the changes which are so urgent.

It is an opportunity not to be missed.