Action Group

Fresh from the success of the Sustainable Prosperity Conference, a group of around eighty volunteers have started a Just Transition Action Group in Adelaide.

We met for the first time on Sunday 2 February. Since then we have branched out into various working groups, and have for the time being made the decision to hold our meetings online via Zoom.

Whether we call it a Green New Deal or a Just Transition or something else, it means no new fossil fuel projects, fair compensation and re-training for fossil fuel workers, rapidly taking the massive scale of action we need to combat climate change, and providing a job to everyone that needs or wants one through a federally funded Job Guarantee. 

If your response is “Yes! Exactly!”, then please do get involved. If your response is “Sounds too good to be true”, then drop us a line and talk to us! Our group is open to everyone.

What will we be doing? A number of things to start with: a book club, an action group that organises forums with progressive local councils to talk about how a job guarantee could connect the untapped potential of people with the un-met needs of the the community (including climate action), and a group to reach out to allies and form connections in the broader movement.

Timetable of online events

Monday 30th March: Lachlan McCall will give us his take on the incredible upheavals we’ve seen in economics over the past couple of weeks
Monday 6th April: Dr Cameron Murray will talk about his latest research on a Central Housing Bank
Monday 13th March: Dr Kate Wylie will talk about Climate Medicine

From Monday 30 March, we will have regular online meetings every Monday night, starting at 7:00pm South Australian time. This includes public holidays. Each meeting will start with a main speaker talking about something of interest for about 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes for questions and discussion. At 8:00pm on alternate Mondays we will continue with Online Book Club (reading Superpower by Ross Garnaut), and on the opposite Monday we will talk about communication and messaging, share ideas, quotes and visuals etc.

Events are all accessible via Zoom: please email to get a Zoom meeting invitation or for help getting set up.

It is our belief that this kind of huge societal and ecological transformation is our only way forward, and right now we have the momentum to start something great.