All photos by Ross McNaugtan

Day one: Economics for Sustainable Prosperity

Photos from Friday 10 January including our Kaurna welcome and introduction to the conference; MMT basics with Bill Mitchell; Gender, Power and Sustainability with Tyson Yunkaporta and Kelly Menzel; an introduction to Ecological Economics with Phil Lawn; and Anna Mihaylov in conversation with Stephanie Kelton.

Day two: Genuine Progress

Photos from Saturday 11 January including authors Cameron Murray and Geoff Davies; Martin Watts; Andres Bernal; a panel on Really Ending Poverty and the Future of Work with Alison Pennington, Alice Clark, David Faber and Alex North; A Just Transition Framework for the Future with Bill Mitchell; and the Genuine Progress Indicator with Phil Lawn.

Day three: Making it Happen

Photos from Sunday 12 January including the Importance of Natural Capital with Bob Costanza; Climate Change and Renewables with Mark Diesendorf; a panel on the Political Economy of a Green New Deal; a panel with Union leaders and Stephanie Kelton’s final keynote speech.