Our aim with this conference is to take people on a journey over the course of three days.

The program begins on day one with an introduction to economics for sustainable prosperity and answer the questions of “how do we pay for it?” and “how do we live within ecological limits?”

On the second day, we will look at the reasons why the old economic paradigm is breaking down; consider the potential for a job guarantee to contribute towards economic stability and social justice; and think about the kind of progressive future we need to build in Australia and internationally.

On the final day, we will consider the importance of maintaining and restoring the ecosystems that sustain us, and managing our natural capital; the feasibility of a rapid transition to 100% green and renewable energy; the political economy of a green new deal; and an appropriate way to measure genuine progress towards a just and sustainable future.

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Immerse yourself in this conference and you will see that the constraints on taking drastic action on climate change and building the kind of society we want are not economic, they are political and institutional, and as such they can and must be overcome.