Geoff Davies

Dr. Geoff Davies is a scientist, author and commentator. He is a retired Senior Fellow (now a Visiting Fellow) in geophysics at the Australian National University. He has authored over one hundred scientific papers and two scientific books and has a Hirsch index of 42 (indicating significant international standing and influence). In 2005 he was awarded the inaugural Augustus Love medal for geodynamics by the European Geosciences Union. He was selected in 1992 as a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union.

He has been exploring economics for over twenty years and commenting on society for longer. He is the author of The Little Green (I’m afraid of) Economics (but I want to save the world) Book (BetterNature, 2018), Desperately Seeking the Fair Go (BetterNature, 2017), and the forthcoming Economy, Society, Nature (World Economics Association, 2019). See