A Green New Deal involves a range of progressive economic reforms and directly links improving the fairness of the economic system with addressing inequality and taking resolute action on climate change.

This conference offers what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, at exactly the right moment in history, to engage with world class economists as speakers and panellists, and to answer these questions:

1) What would a Green New Deal actually mean – in general, and for Australia in particular?

2) How could we pay for it?

3) What sort of future do we want to create – for the world, and for Australia in particular?

4) How can we best measure progress towards that future?

5) Is it possible to transition towards at least 100% renewable power? If so, how could it be done in Australia?

We are immensely grateful to Professor Stephanie Kelton in particular for visiting Adelaide, and to the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide for having the wisdom to invite her to be the Harcourt Professor.

We hope you can come to the conference on January 10-12th, and that you can stay on for January 14th and attend the official Harcourt Professorial Lecture (more information coming soon).