For high quality videos of most conference sessions please see Economic Reform Australia’s YouTube channel


Kaurna Welcome to Country and Introduction to the Conference – Paul Willey, Jack Buckskin and Steven Hail

An Introduction to Modern Monetary Theory – Bill Mitchell (full video of Bill Mitchell and Warren Mosler in conversation can be found further down this page)

Gender, Power and Sustainability – Tyson Yunkaporta and Kelly Menzel, introduced by Steven Hail

A short Introduction to Ecological Economics – Phil Lawn and Herman Daly

In Conversation with Stephanie Kelton – Anna Mihaylov


A Conversation with Two Authors – Cameron Murray (Game of Mates) and Geoff Davies (Economy, Nature, Society), interviewed by Steven Hail

What’s Wrong with Orthodox Macroeconomic Theory & Policy? – Martin Watts, introduced by Steven Hail

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and an American Green New Deal Andres Bernal, introduced by Ed Miller

Really Ending Poverty and the Future of Work – Alison Pennington, Alice Clark, David Faber and Alex North

A Just Transition Framework for the Future – Bill Mitchell, introduced by Phil Lawn

The Genuine Progress Indicator – Phil Lawn


A Modern Money Perspective on Debates in Ecological Economics – James Juniper, introduced by Phil Lawn

The Importance of Natural Capital – Bob Costanza, introduced by Annie Bond

Climate Change and Renewables – Mark Diesendorf, introduced by Phil Lawn

The Political Economy of a Green New Deal – Jayne Flanagan, Michael Murray and Ed Miller, with Lachlan McCall

Workers, Jobs and Climate Change – Ella Factor (CPSU), Tony Maher (CFMEU) and Peter Ong (Queensland ETU), Introduced by Lachlan McCall

Modern Money and a Green New Deal – Stephanie Kelton

Other relevant recordings

The Deficit Myth – Stephanie Kelton (Geoff Harcourt Lecture, 14 January 2020)

Warren Mosler and Bill Mitchell in conversation (pre-recorded video)

Modern Money and the “Budget Emergency” – Steven Hail, with Anna Mihaylov (2014)

Many of our presenters were interviewed for the podcast Blind Insights with David Olney and Tim Whiffen. Right now you can hear Steven Hail talk about a Job Guarantee, Phil Lawn on the Genuine Progress Indicator, and Stephanie Kelton on a Green New Deal for Australia, plus more to come.